Music and shared values unite people with different religious beliefs

After past conflicts, Christians, Muslims and people with other beliefs are now living peacefully together in the Indonesian island of North Halmahera

North Halmahera island is located in the north of Indonesia
North Halmahera has a rich religious and ethnic diversity. The majority religions are Islam and Christianity.

The Halmahera community has been tainted by a dark history of ethnic and religious conflict from 1999 to 2000.

During a conflict which also included religious divides, many people were killed or displaced.

The conflict urged the community to revisit the values and local wisdom of the Hibua Lamo tradition as a basis for co-existance.

People in Halmahera with different beliefs now unite in the Hibua Lamo tradition.

The word “Hibua Lamo” means large house but also refers to sharing values. It also includes common history and shared musical practice.

Local activists passed down the wisdom of the Hibua Lamo tradition to the younger generations. The slogan of Hibua Lamo is “We are all Brothers and Sisters”.

Yangere music is usually played at celebrations, such as New Year, by people from different faiths visiting house-to-house.

Music is a unifying force and builds relations between people with different religious beliefs.

See the full film Yangere for peace

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How is religious diversity visible in your local community? I.e. places of worship (buildings and shrines) festivals, clothing, food, music etc.

How do you get to know about other religions in your local community? I.e. teaching in schools, through friends and family, by visiting other religious buildings etc.

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