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Recent events

Three-Part webinar series:   

Making a Citizen – Exploring the Relationship Between National Identity and Citizenship Three part webinar series: 

23rd May, 30th May, 4th June 2024 

Past events

International conferences, webinars and workshops organized by the Minority Network and partners as part of the project “Inclusive Citizenship and Human Rights”:


International webinar

Three part webinar series: Making a Citizen – Exploring the Relationship Between National Identity and Citizenship  

23rd May, 30th May, 4th June 2024

This webinar series explored the intricate relationship between national identity, citizenship, and the risk of statelessness for ethnic and religious minorities.



Interfaith short film festival and conference  

7th December 2021

Expert panel and viewing of “Living Together” short films.

Inclusive Citizenship in Transitions 

6 December 2021

People in minority situations based on their religious and/or ethnic identity have historically faced heightened exposure in conflict-ridden societies, especially during post-conflict and transitional periods. This conference explored various institutional and constitutional models designed to safeguard the representation or participation of minorities in such societies. A significant emphasis was placed on understanding the implications of these models for the public and political representation and participation of women from minority groups.

International webinar

Living together – International Short Film Launch

9 June 2021

International launch of new short films on interfaith understanding produced by partners in IndonesiaFernand de Varennes


Risdo Simangunsong
Interfaith Activist
Jakatarub, Indonesia

Fernando Sihotang
Human Rights and Advocacy Coordinator
National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, Indonesia

Samrawit Gougsa
Communications Officer at Minority Rights Group International
United Kingdom

Putu Eka Guna Yasa
Director of BASAbali Wiki, Indonesia

Dr. Ingvill Thorson Plesner
Researcher and Project Manager
Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies (HL-senteret)
Inclusive Citizenship Project

Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit, Program Executive for Public Theology and Interreligious Relations
The Lutheran World Federation, Switzerland


International webinar

Starvation as a method of war and vulnerable communities in Syria and Yemen

7 December 2020

In connection with the Nobel Peace Prize award 2020 to the World Food Program (WFP) and in preparation for Norway taking up a seat at the UN Security Council in January of 2021, the Minority Network at the Norwegian Centre for Holocaust and Minority-studies (HL-senteret) and the Norwegian Academy of International Law (NAIL) co-organized an international expert webinar on starvation as a weapon of war.

The webinar brought together international experts to discuss the return of starvation as a method of war in Yemen and Syria. The objective was to compare how deliberate strategies to deprive food disproportionately affect vulnerable communities in the in Syria and Yemen, and to discuss measures available to address prevention, enforcement and accountability in order to bring this scourge of war to a halt.


International workshops

The right of linguistic minorities in education

Erbil, Iraq / KRG, 8 – 9 April 2019
Organized with Alliance of Iraqi Minorities (AIM) and Norwegian People’s Aid Erbil office as local partners, and with participation from international partners, including the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues and a representative from Minority Rights Group International (MRG).

Inter-faith understanding and dialogue

Dohuk, Iraq / KRG, 12 – 13 April 2019

Organized in collaboration with Norwegian Church Aid’s Dohuk office as local partner, and with cooperation from local Yazidi activists in recruiting participants. Among the participants were Christian, Muslim, Yazidi, Kakei and Sabaean Mandaean youth.

Rights of children born on genocidel rape

Oslo, Norway / 5 September 2019
Participants included several Yazidi, among them Lamiya, a Yazidi woman who had escaped from ISIS and a Yazidi professor from Dohuk University, as well as international experts on the issue and Norwegian civil society experts and researchers.

Hate speech and incitement to violence against minorities

Oslo, Norway / 6 November 2019

Introduction by the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues. Main focus of the round-table discussion was on hate speech in social media.

Minorities and statelessness

Oslo, Norway / 8 November 2019
Introduction by Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree, Mahidol University, Institute of Peace and Human Rights. The round-table discussion compared issues of citizenship and statelessness for Muslim minorities in the Assam province in India and for the Rohingya in Myanmar and in flight in Cox’s Bazar.

International conferences

Mass atrocities, prevention and punishment: Lessons learned from the Yazidi and Rohingya cases

Oslo, Norway, HL-senteret / 6 September 2019

Bigotry and Hate: Local and global perspectives

Oslo, Norway, HL-senteret / 2 – 13 December 2019

In cooperation with “Global Consortium on Bigorty and Hate”

International workshops / panel discussions

National identity and inclusive citizenship in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar / 6 February 2018

Inclusive citizenship and rights of linguistic minorities in education

Yangon, Myanmar / 10 February 2018

National identity and inclusive citizenship in South East Asia

Bangkok, Mahidol University, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies / 14 February 2018

Inclusive citizenship in education

Belgrade, Serbia / 3 May 2018

In cooperation with Helsinki Committee

Prevention of mass atrocities against minorities in the Middle East / Northern Africa

Oslo, HL-senteret / 17 June 2018

Prevention of mass atrocities against minorities -and inclusive education

Tunis, Tunisia / 1 October 2018

In cooperation with Minority Rights Group

Inclusive Citizenship and Minority Rights in South East Asia

Manila, Philippines / 4 – 6 October 2018

Research panel organised by the Minority Network at the SEAHRN Fifth International Conference on Human Rights and Peace & Conflict

International conferences

Human Rights and Inclusive Citizenship: Conditions for co-existence in conflict ridden societies

Oslo, Norway, Nobel Institute and the Fritt Ord Foundation /  17-18 June 2018

Organizer was the Minority Network/Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies in cooperation with Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

Genocide on the Yazidi people: The role of documentation

Organised by the Minority Network at the HL-senteret together with Norwegian Peoples Aid, Norwegian Church Aid, Stefanus Alliance, the Yazidi Cultural House in Norway and other CSO partners and scholars affiliated with the network. More than half of the over 100 participants at the conference were Yazidi.


International workshops

National identity, citizenship and minority rights

Oslo, Norway, HL-senteret / 1 December 2017, 09.00 am – 12.30 pm

Inclusive citizenship and rights of linguistic minorities in education

Oslo, Norway, HL-senteret / 1 December 2017, 13.30 pm – 15.30 pm