Indonesia is home to a diversity of religions

Explore how people in Bali deal with religious diversity both in the community and within a family.

Bali is an island in east Indonesia.
The mother is Muslim and the daughter is Buddhist. They live together in Bali and practice different faiths in the same house. The daughter helps her mother preparing a meal. The mother helps her daughter prepare for her prayer.

Many religious rituals are taking place at home such as prayers and eating habits.

In their everyday life the mother and daughter practice respect for each others religious identity.

In Bali, the diversity of faiths is visible through the different places of worship and in everyday practice of the people.

Bali is an island famous for its diversity expressed in arts, culture and religion

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Questions for reflection

How is religious diversity visible in your local community? I.e. places of worship (buildings and shrines) festivals, clothing, food, music etc.

How do you get to know about other religions in your local community? I.e. teaching in schools, through friends and family, by visiting other religious buildings etc.

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Bali deal with religious diversity both in the community and within a family

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