Lamiya's story

Women and children pay a high cost in the aftermath of the genocide on the Yazidi

Lamiya Bashar is a Yazidi who was held captive by the ISIS terrorist organization.

This is her story...

My name is Lamiya - I am a Yazidi from the village Kocho in Sinjar
On August 15th 2014, Daesh (ISIS) attacked us and I was captured
The men were killed and the women and children were captured

On August 2014, the terror group ISIS started its genocide on the Yazidi - killing, capturing and enslaving thousands including women and children.

I was in Daesh (ISIS) captivity for 1 year and 8 months. I was sold and bought 4 times

More than 6000 yazidi women and girls were taken hostage by ISIS. 1400 are still missing...

I tried to escape four times. On the fifth attempt, I escaped with two other girls. 30 minutes before we reached safety, one of the girls was killed by a landmine...

Most of the women who escaped ISIS are still displaced in refugee camps in Iraq and neighbouring countries.

Lamiya in Kocho before captivity
Lamiya was also severely injured by the land mines
She has gone through several surgeries after she came to Germany as a refugee
The Yazidi women that have children after rape by ISIS soldiers are in particularly difficult situation

Children born of Yazidi women after ISIS rape can not be registered as Yazidis.

ISIS is defeated, now they must be accountable for the horrible things they have done

Yazidi survivors are seeking justice including accountability of the ISIS perpetrators.

See the video of Nadia Murad's sister

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