Grants for inter-faith projects

As a part of the Inclusive Citizenship project, HL-senteret invites applications for grants to support production of short films and videos and other online tools to be used in education on issues of inter-faith understanding and coexistence.

The call invites proposals from the following countries in each region:


Civil society organisations in Middle East/Northern Africa and South East Asia can apply for maximum amount of 5,000 Euros to be used in 2021. Academic foundations working on human rights issues are also invited to apply.

To be considered applicants must:

  • Have an organisational bank account.
  • Be committed to peaceful resolution of conflict and must not be engaged in or support in any way violent activity
  • Be committed to involving different ethnic and/or religious communities in your broader activities.

Term of Reference

  • Projects can be funded up to a maximum of 5,000 Euros.
  • Projects must be implemented between May and August 2021.

Project Selection Criteria

Innovative projects that pilot new approaches to promoting inter-faith understanding and co-existance by using audio-visual and online tools.

Clear project objectives with concrete outcomes & outputs.

Clearly justified budget that represents value for money.

Clearly identified target beneficiaries and plan to reach those beneficiaries and advocacy targets effectively.

Projects that include vulnerable groups and are gender inclusive in project implementation and/or organisational structure.

Projects that encourage effective collaboration with other CSOs.

Anticipated Timeline:

10 December 2020: Call for Applications released

25 May 2021:  Application deadline

10 June 2021: Successful applicants notified

20 June 2021: Start of Activities

20 September 2021: Completion of Activities

15 October 2021: Final narrative and financial reports due.

Click the download button for application sheet and budget template

Applications should be marked as “INTER-FAITH” and must be forwarded to

The grants will be given as part of a project supported by NORAD (The Norwegian Agency for Development Aid). The project is co-ordinated by MRG (Minority Rights Group International).