Interfaith journey

Muslims, Christians, Yazidis visiting religious minority sites in Iraqi Kurdistan.

How can contact between people with different religious identity increase the community feeling in a society?

In 2019, some civil society activists organised a trip

Something about the journey and the group

On the trip, they visited important religious sites of two different religious minorities

Lalesh is the holy city of the Yazidis - The Yazidis....

I am a Muslim and this is the first time I come to the holy Lalish Temple.
It feels great to be here.
Lalish is an important holy place in the Yazidi religion. Many of us Yazidis visit Lalesh, and we want others also to visit this place.
We are very happy to receive any guest in Lalish. Our doors are open to everyone whatever their religion, ethnicity or cult is. Because in our religion a human is a human regardless of their affiliation.

Text about the Christian site in Alqosh

Walk up the hill
Footage to show the environment

Text about this particular church

Unfortunately we normally do not explore other religious places and cultures because there is no one there to tell us about it
I am now inside a Christian church. It is a great feeling and I learned about its history.
"The one that has a wish can close his eyes and walk towards the cross. If the hand reaches the cross - then the wish will come true."

Text about the shrine in Alqosh

"This place is the shrine of Nahom who is considered one of the prophets."

Text about the shrine in Alqosh

A point of the trip is to convey a message to the world. Religious divesity has always been a part of Iraqi society and it will continue to be so. Therefore we mush learn about the different traditions of our society.

Text about the shrine in Alqosh

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